HTC Vive pro eye-full kit

HTC’s VIVE Pro Eye Enterprise VR System provides a new level of insight into content interaction. Precision eye tracking is included in this VR system, which allows you to track exactly where a user’s eyes are focusing on your content. You can see not only where a user gazes but for how long as well, thanks to heat mapping and gaze tracking features. Analytical data on user intent and decision making can be gleaned from these specific product insights.

The VIVE Pro Eye method has the capacity to track eye movement, allowing you to do more in virtual reality. Your menu navigation can be made easier and more intuitive by using gaze-oriented menu navigation. Additionally, you can enhance VR communication by using more realistic looking avatars that accurately reflect the actual user’s eye gaze and blinking. If you don’t already own a VR headset or sensors to get you started right out of the box, there are a variety of additional features that can help you get the most out of your virtual reality experience:


Renderings with a Focused View

Optimizing your content for where users are looking can both give them an immersive experience and reduce the amount of stress on GPUs when rendering environments, making it more efficient. It would be possible to render low-resolution images in the user’s peripheral vision and high-resolution images for objects that are clearly visible to the user, as well as medium-resolution images for the area in-between.

Exceptional Clarity and Detail

Using dual-OLED displays, the headset provides a 615 PPI, 2880 x 1600 pixel resolution. This level of realism not only allows for stunning visuals but also the text that is easier to read and textures that are more lifelike.

Surround Sound & High-Quality Audio

Using the VIVE Pro Eye headset’s headphones, you can hear the same volume, pitch, and reverberation as you would in the real world. This can enhance the user’s simulation experience and leave a more lasting impression.

A sense of well-being

The headset has designed to be worn for long periods of time and characteristics eye relief with optics adjustment, adjustable IPD, adjustable headphones, and an adjustable head strap. A broad range of head sizes, such as those who wear glasses, can be accommodated by design.

Tracking at the Room Scale

A room-scale VR experience of up to 32 x 32′ is supported by the included equipment. You can now create content for multiple users at the same time using SteamVR 2.0’s accurate tracking throughout the space. Please be aware that this system includes two SteamVR Base Station 2.0 units, each of which can support a maximum area of 22’11” x 22’11”, making it insufficient for 32 x 32′ rooms.

Vive Pro Headset was constructed by HTC and Valve to be a full concept that integrates video, audio and precise motion tracking for immersive room-scale virtual reality.

Virtual reality experiences can be fully immersed thanks to the HTC Vive Pro’s 110° field of view and two front-facing cameras. High-definition visuals and motion are provided by 2880 by 1600 total resolution, 615 pixels per inch (PPI), and 90 frames per second (fps).

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